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Did you know that a diesel engine costs about three times more than a gasoline-powered engine? That's why Airport Automotive technicians, led by auto shop owner and ASE-certified master technician Ryan Hart, take great care in performing all minor car maintenance services to all major repairs. With an extensive diesel background, Ryan knows that with one major misstep, he could be out $20,000 if he had to replace a diesel engine due to engine due to shop negligence. That’s not going to happen! Check the best custom content service - customessayorder.com.

Adhering to your diesel's maintenance schedule may get you 500,000 miles or more on the engine with regular service. If your diesel is a work truck, you really cannot afford it breaking down. The cure, of course, is following your scheduled maintenance which, as Ryan, says, "is different than passenger vehicles. For starters, there is no ignition and the fuel management system is entirely different… Diesels are a different ‘animal,’ and there are idiosyncrasies which you learn how to deal with only from years of hands-on-experience."

There are only a handful of independent auto service centers in Watsonville and Santa Cruz County who are experts in diesel… What you get from the professionals at Airport Automotive are technicians who will not be learning on your time. The auto center uses only high-quality OEM replacement parts, same as the dealership. Ryan, says: “The biggest difference between us and the dealership is cost; you’ll pay about 25 percent more at the dealer for the same work and the same parts.”

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A irport Automotive is conveniently located at 465 Airport Blvd. in Watsonville. Exiting Airport Blvd from Highway 1, the service center is less than a mile from the freeway. Due to its good word-of-mouth advertising, the shop has become a go-to service repair shop for owners of trucks and fleets. Customers appreciate that the shop is large enough to accommodate trucks plus their quick-turnaround time on truck service repair is a welcomed relief. After all, be it truck and/or fleet vehicle, downtime equates to loss of income. Airport Automotive has all the tools necessary for your truck’s regular service schedule and diagnostics, greatly benefitting this Watsonville shop’s efficiency.engine due to shop negligence. That’s not going to happen!

"Because of mine and my friends' four-wheeling experience, I know trucks inside and out," says Ryan. "We've literally broken everything – frames and systems – some of which I didn’t think would break. And then I'd find a way to repair the trucks so they were again safe to drive." Safety is paramount – the technicians know what to look for since oftentimes trucks are pushed to the max with overloads. Along with performing preventive maintenance, the shop's proactive approach - a free inspection with any service – allows technicians to foresee and prevent major failures – and those unpleasant major repair bills.

The last thing a business needs is to entrust their fleet vehicles to a "rookie," auto repair shop owner. Ryan says: “Before opening in Watsonville, I was the operational manager for a car transporting company. At times, we would not see a truck for 30,000 to 50,000 miles. So each truck's hydraulic system, brakes, transmission, you name it – every system needed to be 100 percent up to spec before it could hit the road.” Of all the trucking trades, car transportation is the most critical – there is little room for mechanical error. Using only OEM replacement parts and an owner who’s highly knowledgeable with all things "fleet," why would you not call Airport Automotive? Call for more information: (831) 722-6686.

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If you like your vehicle and desire it to be safe, reliable, and to perform as when it was new, you have the right fit with the friendly professionals of Airport Automotive. The technicians firmly believe that keeping up with your vehicle’s manufacturer recommended maintenance services is the key to your car’s longevity. Take the timing belt: it should be changed every 60,000 miles or sooner. If the timing belt breaks, your engine will most likely likely need replacing – talk about a major expense! Regular maintenance varies as it's based on mileage intervals and what the manufacturer recommends.

Simple and inexpensive services such as an oil change, coolant service, a power steering fluid flush, or a transmission fluid flush and more, can prevent engine problems, a head gasket replacement, and transmission failure, to name but a few but a few major repairs you just don't need. Most new clients of the Watsonville shop generally come in with a specific automotive concern. Ryan's first step is to address the problem but he’ll also ask inquire about the vehicle's maintenance history.


Solving one vehicle concern may alleviate the problem. However, if that same vehicle is in need of service, that quick fix may only be a temporary solution. "We get one chance to do things right," says Ryan. "We can't afford to have customers bringing back their cars with the same recurring problems. It's not acceptable to hear of a client's car breaking down in commuter traffic or on a family vacation." By only using factory original replacement parts, installed by ASE-certified technicians, Ryan can offer a peace-of-mind warranty on all work: 12 months/24,000 miles.

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